Laws & Policies

Alcohol Policy is intimately tied up with bills, statutes, and legislation at all levels of government. It also encompasses what communities and individuals do at the grassroots level. For issues relating to alcohol-related controls, such as licencing, taxation, and provider/social host liability issues, refer to our Controls & Liability Information Packs.

This section contains information and resources on alcohol-related laws in Ontario and Canada, including key statutes and court cases, local alcohol policy development, and links to legislation in other jurisdictions. For comparison purposes, there are also links to international initiatives.

Look under the Policies link for our alcohol policy primer designed for those new to the field, or professionals needing an overview of the alcohol policy field.

Pending Bills
a list of recent and current Bills pertaining to alcohol issues.

Enacted Legislation
see also Key Court Cases/Tribunal Decisions
Other Jurisdictions
links to Alcohol Policy 101, a primer for those needing an overview of the field, reports on emerging alcohol-related issues, priorities going forward, key players, milestones.

links to an extensive collection of sample alcohol policies from across Canada and internationally.

Legislation by Topic
links to enacted legislation, grouped by topic

Who Do I Contact?
an FAQ-style page addressing who is responsible for what aspects of alcohol sales, distribution.

Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure
relating to legislative activities in Parliament.