Information Packs

This is where you can find alcohol policy-related issues packaged by topic. We’ve grouped Information Packs into relevant subject areas: click on the headings and follow the links. You can also access them directly from the navigation menu.

While we have and continue to accumulate publications and references from a broad range of sources, we also welcome any suggested additions to the list.

Alcohol Advertising
Research and statistics on the impact of advertising; links to provincial and federal guidelines; ARAPO.

Impaired Driving
Covers all motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles, and boating.

Demographic Groups
Information packaged for groups of particular interest: youth, seniors, aboriginal peoples, the homeless.

Controls & Liability
Covering regulatory issues that impact access and usage: privatization, licencing, alcohol liability for servers and social hosts, taxation, and alcoholic beverage warning labels.

Health & Safety
Covering a broad range of impacts: air rage, FASD, mental illness, harm reduction/LRDGs, crime and injury prevention, cancer.

Alcohol & the Workplace
Employer rights and liablities, drug testing, EAPs, workplace alcohol policies.