Association to Reduce Alcohol Promotion in Ontario


The Association to Reduce Alcohol Promotion in Ontario (ARAPO) was created as a project under the Alcohol Policy Network in 1997. It was a provincial network made up of members who share the goal of promoting public health and safety by reducing the impact of alcohol advertising, promotion and sponsorship through education, policy and community action.

ARAPO was committed to raising awareness and taking action on decreasing the harm associated with alcohol use. ARPAO adopted a health promotion approach to alcohol use that centered on the belief that a reduction in alcohol advertising and promotion would enable people to make informed choices about drinking. ARAPO supported the alcohol advertising regulatory laws and guidelines and encourages alcohol manufacturers, advertisers and broadcasters to comply with the law.


During its 13 years, ARAPO had three key functions: resource development and dissemination; awareness and education; and, networking and information exchange. To achieve these goals ARAPO developed many tools and materials, published reports, and engaged in many activities to help create awareness around and media literacy about alcohol advertising: