Becoming an Information Pack Host

Becoming an Information Pack Host

What is an APOLNET Host or Contributor?

An APOLNET Host/Contributor is an individual or organization with an interest in alcohol policy who works collaboratively with the Alcohol Policy Network:

  • to compile and prepare information for an upcoming alcohol policy topic; or
  • to add to an already existing topic on the site.

For sample topics that have been hosted by an organization, see Alcohol Advertising, Impaired Driving, Controls on U-Brews/U-Vints topics.

Why become an APOLNET Host or Contributor?

Becoming an APOLNET host or contributor gives individuals/organizations a chance to:

  • focus discussion on an important alcohol policy issue;
  • promote their work in the area; and,
  • encourage others to advance the debate on alcohol policy.

What are the duties of an APOLNET Host or Contributor?

Duties of a host/contributor include:

  • compiling information on the alcohol policy issue;
  • obtaining any required permission from author(s) and/or completing a release form allowing the Alcohol Policy Network to post documents on APOLNET and distribute this information through other means;
  • responding to policy-related user comments or questions in a timely manner;
  • updating/adding documents on an as needed basis.

What is the process for hosting a topic?

  1. You/your organization contact(s) the Alcohol Policy Network to indicate an interest in hosting a particular topic. Please refer to Action Packs for a list of past topics.
  2. You/your organization compile(s) materials and forward(s) hard copies to the Alcohol Policy Network. Your submission should include:
    • One or two pages of background information on the policy issue. This will include a description of the problem and the rationale for the specific policy.
    • A sample of relevant background documents (i.e., news releases, reports, studies, public education materials, fact sheets highlighting relevant statistics) produced by you/your organization, public agencies or others.
    • A brief description of your organization (i.e., brochure, not more than one page) or your efforts in dealing with the topic/issue.
    • A completed release form allowing the Alcohol Policy Network to post or distribute all submitted materials.
    • Examples of position papers, reports, case studies and/or descriptions of instances that illustrate your problem or proposed policy.
    • Bibliography on the topic.
    • A list of upcoming events (conferences, seminars, etc.) related to the topic. (optional)
    • A list of organizations and/or web sites where more information related to the topic area is available, including contact names, phone and fax numbers and addresses. (optional)
    • A list of frequently asked questions & answers related to policy area/topic. (optional)
  3. The Alcohol Policy Network and/or OPHA review your submissions to ensure that these comply with the following guidelines and our goals and priorities:
  4. Documents should...

    • be relevant, short, concise and easy-to-read
    • be sensitive to the current political, economic and social climate
    • present alcohol policy from a public health perspective
    • present up-to-date background data and research in a balanced and informative way
    • make an effort to acknowledge different viewpoints and outline the practical challenges of adopting/implementing a specific policy
    • profile relevant positions of a variety of organizations
    • enable readers to gain a sound understanding of the issue and add their voice to the debate.

    Documents should NOT...

    • contain flawed, dated or discredited research
    • contain false or inaccurate data/information
    • include sensitive or confidential information
    • "bash" anyone who has, or is perceived to have, a different or opposing policy position.
  5. APN passes along any suggested changes to you/your organization. If these changes are unacceptable to you/your organization, APN may a) decline to post the specific document(s); or, b) invite another organization to host that topic or post complementary information.
  6. APN and you/your organization "sign off" on the materials for that topic.
  7. You/your organization forward(s) WordPerfect, Rich Text or ASCII versions of the agreed upon documents on 3 1/4" disk as well as HTML files to APN.
  8. APN posts the material on APOLNET and makes any additions/changes to the documents on an as needed basis.

How can I get more information?

For more information on hosting an APOLNET topic, please contact:

APOLNET Webmaster
Alcohol Policy Network
700 Lawrence Avenue West
Suite 310
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M6A 3B4
416-367-3313 ext. 223
E-mail :