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Below is a listing of all the resources and information available on this site. We also have some useful navigation tools to help you find what you are looking for: a table-of-contents-style Site Map, a comprehensive Index of Terms and Topics, listed in alphabetical order, and our Search feature. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly and we will try to help.

Information Packs

The following is a list of information packs organized by topic to help make your search for information easier and more efficient.

  • Alcohol Advertising
  • Impaired Driving (cars, boating, snowmobiles)
  • Demographic Groups (youth, older adults, aboriginal peoples)
  • Control & Liability (privatization, licensing, liability, drug testing, taxation, warning labels)
  • Health & Safety (chronic disease, FASD, mental illness, LRDGs, injury prevention)
  • Alcohol in the Workplace


Whether it's a workplace policy or international legislation, it can be found in the Laws/Policies section. If you are unsure of who or which organization is responsible for a given area, check out the Who's responsible for what in alcohol sales and retailing in Ontario page.

In addition, there is an extensive collection of Sample Alcohol Policies, sorted by area of interest, including Campus alcohol policies, Workplace alcohol policies, and Municipal Alcohol Policies.


We have collected under the Resources menu:

  • publications
  • statistics
  • key contact names in government and other organizations
  • online databases, newsletters, and listservs
  • tools to facilitate civic participation, and
  • resources for education and training, including professional development seminars, teleconferences, and presentations.

And just for fun....test your A.Q. (alcohol quotient) by taking one of our Quick Quizzes. They also make handy tools for teaching others about alcohol policy.

Want the latest news?

Our website strives to be the most comprehensive Canadian-based resource for people involved in alcohol policy. Check out our News link on the main navigation bar. There you will find several handy links:

  • APOLNET Listserv. The APN listserv is an active networking tool that promotes open, informed discussion about alcohol-related policy and prevention issues in Ontario and throughout Canada.
  • Issues to Watch, a monthly e-update, discusses alcohol policy issues currently under debate, with references to pending legislation and background information via our Information Packs.
  • Regularly we post the "Alcohol in the News" to the listserv, a digest of news from around the world pertaining to alcohol policy, and it's use. This is supplemented by hosted discussion topics on issues of immediate interest to our subscribers. Use this page to subscribe, change information, unsubscribe, read our guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions about the listserv.
  • The Alcohol Research Digest listserv post links you to research reports, abstracts, and journal articles from a broad range of sources across Canada and internationally.
  • Upcoming Events links you to a calendar of selected local and national conferences, public awareness campaigns, and special events related to substance abuse prevention, injury prevention, and public health.

New to Alcohol Policy?

Please check out Alcohol Policy 101, a quick and comprehensive primer to the field. We also run semi-annual teleconferences called Newbie Orientation 101: An Orientation to the Substance Abuse Field for New Professionals. And remember, you can always ask us directly.

The best way to join in and read what colleagues are thinking is to subscribe to our Listserv. By becoming a member you not only get to post and read submissions, you receive both of our listserv-based ebulletins - the biweekly Alcohol in the News, and the Alcohol Research Quarterly. Be sure also to check out our Issues to Watch page for the most recent analysis on current policy topics. And you always have access to our extensive Key Contacts Database.


To keep certain reference information handy as you navigate through the site, there are Quick Links on the right side of your screen:

  • What's New on the Site summarizes every new link or change we have made to the site in the last week- bookmark this for quick access to our latest additions.
  • Upcoming Events is a calendar of events of particular interest to our members. This database is shared by many alcohol and substance-abuse related organizations. You are welcome to add an event to the database that you feel may be of interest to other health care intermediaries.
  • Teleconferences takes you directly to the Education and Training section under Resources. This area collects together seminars, workshops, teleconferences and many other ways to help you improve your knowledge of alcohol-related issues and policies.
  • Alcohol Policy Forums links you directly to the page that has links and information on our successful annual full-day alcohol policy forums.
  • Issues to Watch links you to alcohol policy issues currently under debate, with references to pending legislation and background information via our Information Packs.
  • An Index of Terms/Topics will give you a handy way to decode those pesky acronyms, and to locate where on our site you might find a particular topic area.
  • Frequently Asked Questions is a handy resource in Q&A format, covering a wide variety of questions our colleagues have raised over the years. If you don't find the answer to your question, please contact us - not only will we try to answer your question, we may add it to the list.
  • Alcohol Policy 101 is primarily directed towards those new to the alcohol policy-related field.
  • Who Do I Contact? has been set up to direct you to the most appropriate organization, ministry, or contact person responsible for a given area in the alcohol-related field.
  • We are always looking for feedback, whether it is to suggest new or interesting links, or to correct a typo. Please take a moment to fill out our survey on our new web design.


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