4 Ways To Pack Breakables And Delicate Items

A box packed half with medium weight items and half with fragile items shifts when the movers make a sharp turn. The contents of the box shift which could break the fragile items. The survival of delicate items depends on how they’re packed. These four ways to pack them will help your fragile items survive a move.

1. Line The Boxes

Before you begin to pack, keep out all the blankets, bed and bath linens, and even soft pajamas and fluffy winter coats. They make excellent insulation in the boxes holding your fragile items. For example, wrap your china and crystal in bubble wrap. Place the dishes upright in a box lined with a fluffy winter coat. Layer a blanket or another coat around the dishes, and then place your crystal in the box.

Paper is good for wrapping fragile items, but it doesn’t absorb shock well. Wrap figurines in clean socks before placing them in a lined box. Place blankets and other soft things on top of everything for further insulation before sealing the box.

2. Wrap The Items

Dishes, glassware and crystal, figurines, and hobbies like model planes, cars, and the like can be wrapped in protective bubble wrap before wrapping them in sheets and towels. The double layer of wrapping means you won’t have to layer your boxes with linens or winter coats. You could always put down a layer of bubble wrap or packing peanuts just to be sure, but double wrapping your fragile items should keep them safe.

3. The Right Box

While movers offer all sizes and sometimes shapes of moving boxes, some fragile items simply need a different kind of box. This is where liquor stores and Hallmark stores come in handy. They have boxes of varying sizes divided in varying widths. Simply wrap your glassware and crystal in bubble wrap and a hand towel or cloth, and place in the divided box. Place a blanket or pillow on top to keep the glasses from moving around. More resources can be found at www.hudsonmovers.com , or speak with one of their experts if you require additional insights.

4. Do It Yourself

Your Mom’s 100 year old porcelain bowl and pitcher or your blown glass lamp base might not fit in a conventional box. Wrap the special item in a layer of bubble wrap before wrapping it in a towel or blanket. Set it aside.

Use a sturdy piece of cardboard just a little bigger than your special item. Place the item on the cardboard. Place another piece on top of the item. Bend the sides down and tape within an inch of its life. These items you want to take in the car with you.